SCREAM MUSIC is a No Kiddin’, Butt Kickin’,

Take-No-Prisoners music house.

We stay up all night, work week-ends, and hold musicians hostage so we can

extort, steal, or otherwise compose, produce, and record music and sound

design for presentation videos, corporate meetings, infomercials, multi-media

events, radio and television commercials, webcasts. BBQ’s and any other

place we can weasel our music into. 

Our long reputation for never understanding the simple words, “go away”

has  proven our persistence and passion for creating great sounding original

and entertaining soundtracks. 

Great gear, talented writers, ingenious producers, happy-go-lucky singers and

players, and an easy-going atmosphere make this a happenin’ creative place.

And of course, as a full service production company, we also have a huge

library of pre-recorded music, sound effects and design elements to create

commercials and soundtracks . . . even when you think you can’t afford us.

                                                                Great noise . . . No compromises!


W h a t  t h e  .  .  .